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Whitehaven is a bustling coast town on the edge of Cumbria overlooking the Irish Sea. As with many ‘seaside’ destinations in the UK, a drop in popularity with the influx for cheap holidays to the sun, as seen the town loose some of its past splendour. However, a rejuvenated sea-front, and an expansion of industrial business in the area is resulting in a revitalised town, full of life and fun.
Commendium was requested to 3D Scan the old seafront in order that an accurate model of the current state could be presented to architects from which proposals for further development could be made.
Commendium constructed a detailed digital 3D model based on an accurate LiDAR scan involving over 60 scanning stations. All the expected challenges surfaced: wind, water spray, curious bystanders, seagulls and car movements but a point-cloud model was created. From this a model was derived in SketchUp which the architects could use. A planning proposal has subsequently been made is being considered by the authorities.